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A great coin name like this one is rare to be available these days with the ICO explosion and popularity of cryptocurrency investment. Would this be a great name for a successful brand? Don't take our word for it. Consider the following companies. Popular coin brands include coinbase, coinstar, and coindesk. Popular bros. brands include Warner Bros., Stater Bros., and Super Mario Bros. A company with bros. in its name doesn't need to have genetic brothers in it. In this day in age, it could mean friends or business partners. Also, alt coins could be used as the descriptor for bros. This name is very versatile, coin exchange, mining, alt coin, news, market charts, forum, etc. Having this domain gives you the big edge as a reputable and go-to coin exchange, a high growth business, unicorn level. Let one of the following companies (AlphaPoint, Aurora Solutions, BTCtrader, Draglet) do the heavy lifting to quickly scale your coin exchange. As more coin exchanges pop up, the dot-coms will continue to pop out. Disrupt the landscape and become the next coinbase!

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